Hotel statements

These rules govern the arrangements for hotel booking, accommodation, lodging and services in the hotel PortoFino*** Sochi.

Duration of stay at the hotel:

1.The hotel is intended for temporary accommodation of guests for a period agreed with the hotel administration. After the agreed deadline, the Resident is obliged to vacate the room. If you need to extend your stay, you must inform the hotel administrator no later than 2 hours before the scheduled 12-hour local time.

On a space-available basis the Administrator extends the period of residence.
1. PortoFino***Sochi  hotel operation mode 24\7
2. Accommodation takes place according to the billing-hour system:
Arrival time from 2.00 pm local time
Time of departure- 12:00 pm local time
3.If the Guest agrees to these rules and registers him at the hotel, the contract for hotel services shall be deemed to be concluded.

Arrangements for allocation and payment of hotel rooms:

1.The hotel room is available upon presentation of identity document as well as other documents necessary for registration of a customer in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. These instruments are as follows:
· For a citizen of the Russian Federation – Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation or foreign passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation (for a person permanently residing outside the Russian Federation).
· For a foreign citizen – foreign citizen’s passport, visa (if necessary), migration card.
· For a stateless person – A document issued by a foreign State and recognized in accordance with an international treaty of the Russian Federation as proof of the identity of a stateless person (Passport of a stateless person) a temporary residence permit for a stateless person or a residence permit for a stateless person.
· For citizens under the age of 14 – birth certificate, identity documents of parents (adoptive parents, guardians) or accompanying close relatives with a document certifying their authority.

1. Accommodation and services at the hotel are paid at free (contractual) prices, approved by the management of ООО “ЭЛИТ ПЛЮС” and are charged according to a single billing hour. If the stay is less than 24 hours (24 hours), it is charged for the day regardless of the time of arrival and departure.
2. In case of delay of departure of the visitor after the established calculated hour the accommodation fee is charged in the following order:
from 12:00 to 23:00 – 50% of the room cost per day;
from 23:00 to 12:00 of the following day – 100% of the room cost per day.
3. Accommodation in the booked room from 0:00 to 14.00 is charged at 50% of the room cost per night.
4. All calculations are made in roubles. Cards are accepted for payment: VISA, VISA Electron, MC, Master Card Electronic, Maestro, MIR.
5. There is no charge for accommodation for children under 5 years of age without providing additional place while family accommodation.
Children living after 5 years in an additional place are paid for in addition.
6. Discount calculations (seasonal discounts, special offers) are subject to the following rules: discounts are available only from the open rate on direct booking via the hotel (no booking/travel services); discounts are not summed. Discounts are available only for accommodation.
7. In case of late cancellation of the booking guarantee (for less than three days), late or no-show of the guest, the client will be charged for the actual demurrage at the rate of the cost per day. If you are more than 24 hours late, your reservation will be cancelled.

Hotel arrangements:

1. Residents are obliged:
*to respect the property and facilities of the hotel;
*to observe cleanliness and the established order;
*in the event of loss of or damage to the hotel’s property, reimburse the cost of damage in accordance with the applicable schedule;
*strictly observe fire safety regulations;
*when leaving the room, close the water taps, windows, switch off the light, TV, electrical appliances close the room and give away the key
2. It’s forbidden at the hotel:
* to smoke all over the hotel, including rooms. In the event of a breach of this obligation, the hotel reserves the right to apply to the law enforcement agencies for administrative liability for smoking in unauthorized places. In this case, if the hotel is held administratively liable as a consequence of the above-mentioned violation of the ban on smoking tobacco on the premises by residents (and/or persons invited by them), the hotel reserves the right to demand from the above-mentioned living compensation to the hotel funds, Fines imposed on the hotel by the competent State authorities. The Guest hereby confirms that he is also aware that smoking in the room will require that the hotel’s guest be compensated for the cost of additional special cleaning (long ventilation, use of odour absorbers, curtain washing, tufts, Textiles) in the amount of 5,000 roubles).
* to disturb the peace of the residents between 11:00 and 8:00
* to leave unauthorized persons in the room and also hand them the room key
* to store bulky items, flammable materials, weapons
* to use a boiler and a stove
* Furniture can be moved only with the consent of the hotel administrator.
* to have animals, birds
3. In the event of damage to the hotel, the Guest is liable.
4. The hotel is responsible for the loss, loss or damage of guests’ belongings brought into the hotel, with the exception of money, other currency valuables, securities and other valuables.
An item entered in the hotel is one entrusted to the hotel staff or placed in the hotel room or elsewhere designated for that purpose.
The hotel is responsible for the loss of money, other currency values, securities and other valuables of the guest, provided that they have been taken into custody by the hotel or have been placed in the private safe provided to it, regardless this safe is in his room or in another hotel room. The hotel shall be exempt from liability for failure to preserve the contents of the safe if it can be shown that, under the storage conditions, it was impossible for anyone to have access to the safe without the knowledge of the occupant or was made possible by force majeure. A resident who discovers the loss, loss or damage of his or her belongings must report it to the hotel administration without delay. Otherwise, the hotel is exempt from liability for the lack of security.
5. The hotel is not responsible for force majeure, which results in the hotel guests being deprived of power supply, water supply, and water consumption.
At the same time, the hotel is obliged to take measures to provide electric power and water to the hotel guests whenever possible.
6. The hotel reserves the right to enter the room without consulting the guest in case of technical problems in the room, smoke, fire, flooding, as well as in case the guest disturbs the present order of stay, public order, The use of household appliances.
7. In the event of discoveries of forgotten objects, the administration shall take measures to return them to their owners. The forgotten items are kept in the hotel for 6 months.
* Foodstuffs with open packaging are not subject to long-term storage and must be disposed of. If the package of foodstuffs is intact, they shall be deposited in a storage unit according to the general rules and shall be stored within 1 week.
* Unused personal items are logged and stored for 1 week. Used personal items are not subject to long-term storage and must be disposed of.
* Individual cosmetics in a closed package must be stored for 1 week. Open individual cosmetics cannot be stored
8. Hotel staff and residents shall be quiet and mutually courteous.
9. In the event of a breach of these rules by the Guest, the hotel may, in order to restore the peace and quiet of other Guests, make an observation to the intruder.
If the Guest repeatedly violates the internal rules of the hotel and fails to respond to the demands of the administration and/or law enforcement officers, resulting in material loss or inconvenience for the accommodation of other visitors, the hotel has the right to refuse to provide services to the Guest and to evict him from the hotel.
10. When you leave the hotel, you must make a full payment for the services provided and surrender your room key.
11. The Feedback and Suggestions Book is held by the administrator and issued on request. Applications and complaints are received in writing by the hotel and are dealt with in a timely manner.

During your stay, the hotel provides the following services free of charge:

The following services are provided at additional cost:

We will be happy to help you with any questions that arise.
Have a nice rest!

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