PortoFino hotel partners

Every person needs friends, acquaintances, communication, pleasure to spend time and learn something new. And when your friends are like you, it feels twice as good. Our hotel cooperates with the best companies, helping to make our guests’ holidays the most comfortable, interesting, useful and educational activity. Our guests have constant discounts with many partners, their representatives are always willing to contact our clients and are always ready to cooperate.

Cтрелковый клуб BLACK ROCK

If for you a real resort is not only a sea, a beach and a red cocktail with a straw, but also an extreme opportunity to express yourself, then we have an offer to make your holiday unforgettable. Would you like to train on your vacation? And shoot? For men and determined women, we have a club where you can shoot.

Under the sensitive supervision of instructors, firearms and pneumatic weapons can be trained. Our official partner, BLACK ROCK Rifle Club, will help you to show your shooting skills or just get acquainted with the subtleties.

All the training takes place in a comfortable environment, you can take a photo for yourself or ask the club staff to do it, because at home they will be one of the good memories of the holiday in Sochi. A shooting club is not only about relaxing, relaxing and having a pleasant time, but also about the opportunity to try something new in your life.

Figure correction studio of Anastasiya Ahanova

The perfect figure is a good rest mainly, but when it’s a very good one the figure can get hurt. Muffins, sweets, cocktails and a variety of dishes do the trick… At Anastasiya Ahanova Studio you will receive a full range of services that will hide any manifestations of good rest. Do you just want to relax?

 Then this is a place where you can relax! Massage of the face and body, training course of correction of the figure on special devices, face masks and teeth whitening – all in the studio of correction of the figure of Anastasiya Ahanova. The center of your balance, comfort and tranquility is right here. The emotions you have received are enough for a year.

Do not postpone a cosmetic tour until tomorrow, when it can be planned already today! The price will surprise you pleasantly. There is a 10% discount for PortoFino guests.


If you are the head of a big family or just want to get a lot of positive emotions, then dolphinarium is undoubtedly the first place to visit! The dolphinarium will open a window into the world of marine life. You will see incredible tricks performed by beautiful actors and learn stories about their lives.

The program involves Black Sea dolphins, White Whales giants and Sea Lions. After the show, you will be able to swim with dolphins, plunge into this atmosphere of love and kindness, take a photo of your memory, dive in scuba diving and even take a course of dolphin therapy. At the end of the show you will be offered a towel. If you happen to be the focus of the dolphins, it is absolutely necessary.

A dolphinarium is a place where you get a lot of positive emotions and feel optimistic and in a great mood for a long time.

Sochi City Circus

When friends ask about your vacation, you have to give them an extremely interesting and exciting review. But what if the interesting stories that have happened to you in the bar or in the boardinghouse pool are not enough?

The way out is to go to the circus! Graceful gymnasts with their magic choreography will bring you back to your childhood when they believe in miracles. Trained dogs will tell you that it would be nice to have one and teach you how to bring a newspaper. The strongmen will recall that Russia is famous for its Bogatyrs. The clowns will cheer up and show funny tricks – try to repeat them at home, you may not be able to unwrap the artificial flower, but your friends will be delighted!

Everybody knows that laughter prolongs life, and maybe it prolongs vacation, you just have to check… That is why we strongly advise you to visit the most positive and bright place of Sochi – circus!

Tour desk «Slavyanka»

After spending enough time at sea, beach and sand, you often begin to dream of incredible adventures in the style of Indiana Jones. Castles made of sand are no longer pleasant, and you dream of becoming the hero of at least your hotel in Sochi.

Our hotel is ready to give you an opportunity to choose your adventure, and will help us in this tour bureau “Slavyanka”, which has been conducting all kinds of excursions for 20 years. You can choose any option of excursion: with high intensity or a more measured pace. Visits to waterfalls, springs, jeep riding and other entertainments are available for our hotel guests thanks to “Slavyanka”. A representative of the Bureau can always give you a full list of the services offered and help choose the tour most suitable for you!

With excursions from “Slavyanka”, your rest will definitely be different from any previous one and will leave in your memory unforgettable impressions and emotions!

Choose holiday dates

For a well-spent holiday, book rooms in advance for the required date by looking at the types of rooms on the site (Suite, Deluxe with sea view or garden view, Family). If you have any questions, please call us by phone or e-mail and we will help you with your choice.